keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

1st log!

Hello! Glad you found this page. We are a punkband from Tampere, Finland called Silminnäkijä(translated the name means Eyewitness BUT remember there's another finnish band that has actually that english name AND we are N-O-T them). I (Marika) decided to create this blog for us so that we have one channel more to promote ourselves and our music etc. All of us shall be posting more or less stuff here now and then, that I can promise. Well...without further more writing this time I'll post few pics from recent happenings in this band, hope you enjoy!

Promopictures by Jusa, december 2012:


From the recording of our first EP, pictures mostly by Terhi:

More shall come later, ta!

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